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Our story:

The Potters House Streatham is a part of Christian Fellowship Ministries (CFM), which is a fellowship of over 2,600 churches in 126 nations with a vision of reaching people for Jesus Christ, making disciples and planting churches into other cities and nations.


Our vision began in 1970 when Pastor Wayman Mitchell took over a struggling congregation in Prescott, Arizona, USA. During this time many young hippies were getting saved in what was known as the Jesus People Movement who Pastor Mitchell embraced and began to disciple. As a result many of these were trained for ministry within the local church and sent out into other cities and eventually other nations to start new churches.

This church is a direct result of this vision. A young couple were sent out of the Potters House Croydon Church to start a new work initially in West Norwood in 2014 and eventually ended up in Streatham in 2016. As a result people have been reached with the gospel and are a living testimony to the power of Jesus Christ to change lives.

We encourage you to come and see for yourself what God is doing at the Potters House Streatham.

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